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How To Help My Cat Lose Weight

how to help my cat lose weight

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    my cat
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how to help my cat lose weight - My Fat

My Fat Cat: Ten Simple Steps to Help Your Pet Lose Weight for a long and Happy Life

My Fat Cat: Ten Simple Steps to Help Your Pet Lose Weight for a long and Happy Life

Fat cats may look cuddly and adorable, but they are at risk for serious illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and liver disease. Help your cute kitty slim down with the ten simple steps in My Fat Cat, including:
• The proper way to feed a cat
• Toys that will really get your cat moving
• Advice on dealing with older cats, outdoor cats, multiple cats, and cats with special needs

Featuring tests to rule out serious health problems, analyses of cat foods, real-life cat weight loss stories, and tips from top veterinarians, My Fat Cat offers creative and entertaining ideas to help your pet lose weight and live healthy.

82% (10)

Okay. I'm going to stop myself from uploading these now. It's kind of an overload. But all of them make my eyes look so blue!!

But I'm a bit of a vacant zombie here. It was very cold out. & raining a bit.

I don't mind though, I just keep staring into my blue eyes.

Wow I sound weird.


Ohhhh I am achey. Well, kinda. Silly gym.

My Dad got me up with the promise of good weather today & he said how the weather was much better than predicted & really hot. So after lying in bed for a few minutes I drew back my curtains & the weather was okay. I lay on the bed for a few minutes until my brother lured me out of my room by telling me how cute the cats were looking, & it was cloudy!

We were having a BBQ for lunch (it was good weather when we started) but by the time we'd eaten & were tidying away the rain drops were falling thick & fast. I'd heard thunder when I'd first come outside, but I was really hoping it wouldn't reach us. Emmy went & hid under the table, as the umbrella we had open above us stopped the rain getting through the cracks, & Abby went to sit inside the green house. We cleared everything in & then Hugh brought both the cats in incase it developed into a huge storm. I had to send him back when he left the green house door open. I collected a cardboard box full of hedge trimmings that my Mom had left, with a pair of her gardening gloves on top.

I helped my Dad put away everything from the dishwasher & then started sorting through some of my things, while Snow White played in the background. I wanted to get a picture of the raindrops so headed out into the back yard after a while, & boy it was so freaking loud. The rain was hammering the plastic roof like nobody's business. I swear I would not have been surprised if it had cracked or something. Unfortunately, while crouching down low to get raindrop impact I lost my balance, fell, and scraped along my little toes. I really should have at least worn flip-flops, but I'd just been nipping out into the yard so hadn't seen the point. It stung so badly, but there was no blood. I found my Dad had left a t-shirt outside on the washing machine so I brought that in too. It's such a good thing I did, because even under cover everything was getting wet.

I went in & chatted to my parents, who convinced me to go out further than the the back yard for photos. I stayed in my pj shorts though, & just threw a hoodie & some trainers on. My Dad went out to inspect that we'd tidied everything in (he couldn't find his shirt until I showed him where I'd left it in the kitchen), then handed me his umbrella. I wrapped my camera up in a tesco plastic bag (those things rip so easily) & spent a while in the rain snapping away & practising different shutter speeds.

Back inside I continued watching Snow White (I had been on pause for almost an hour), & then spent a while copying more notes into my thick Mickey Mouse notebook. I have 2 - one thin, one thick.

In the evening we had Sunday dinner, which basically is lots of quorn & sweet potatoes for me. Everyone else is much more varied - Hugh did give me evils when there were 5 sweet potatoes left, & I took 3 & gave him 2. I pointed out that he had tons & tons of food on his plate, so he left that argument alone.

I watched Doctor Who with my Dad & brother (& made like one line of notes as I was so focused on it) & then the finale for FlashForward. Afterwards I watched 20mins of this Lost program before having to cajole Hugh out to the gym. It's so irritating - he complains about how since his operation he's lost all his muscle, but does nothing about it! Who would have thought I'd be the one bugging him to get to the gym. My Dad had asked him if he was going to the gym & he said no, & his excuse to me was that it was the night before an exam. Well it's not as if he was sleeping or revising then, he was just playing a game. So he came along.

We spent ages trying to get the CD player to work, but just listened to the radio eventually. Hugh lifted weights, & I told him to set himself a target otherwise he'd just lie about & do nothing. He reached his target, & I improved again. I love improving. Eventually I'll just plateau for a while, but right now it's awesome. & my recovery time is way better too. Though my legs still feel like jelly for about 5 or so minutes afterwards. I really enjoy going with my brother, because it's nice to just have all that time to chat, & neither of us are really distracted.

On the walk home I do still need to hold Hugh's arms going down steps, because my legs still feel wobbly enough to cause me to fall over. My Dad was in the yard when we got back, & we all came in & got drinks. I measured Hugh's arms & torso, & recorded it for future reference, & then I did my Dad's measurements. He is scary strong. Then I wrote m

25 things

25 things

1. I have NO idea how to know if I get tagged onto something on flickr! I only find out randomly sometimes! This MeMe thing I think I was tagged by Gaia and Pao. If anyone else has and I haven't put your name I am sorry for my ineptitude!

2. I am in the happiest part of my life to date (and I was REALLY happy in my childhood) but right now feels amazing, I have my big boy and I'm growing my girl and I am with the love of my whole life.

3. Domestic stuff makes me happy. I am in love with everything women have fought for years to not have to be! I love being at home, a clean house and most of all I adore cooking for my family and every time I watch them eat I think about the nutrients I am plowing into them! But most of all I guess I like it because they don't demand it, but I know they love it!

4. I had a huge eating disorder for 10 years that left me with an irregular heartbeat and a really messed up gall bladder. Having my boy helped me stop. Meeting Darren made me not even need my darkest friend any more. I would rather be happy and fat (and weight loss is hard for me now as I messed up my metabolism) *don't worry about my 52 weeks of weight loss thing, I can truly watch my weight without demons now!*.

5. I have to fight being slothful sometimes.

6. Real fires and cooking food in a crock pot all day and cuddling on the sofa watching dvd's makes me happier than anything. Fire and food, primal delights!

7. My Mum is best friend.

8. My cat Dave is about 15, if he were a man he would be of the same ilk as William the conqueror, but because he is a cat his heroic nature and dashing good looks will not make it into the history books, but I will never forget the many dogs he has beaten up in a bid to protect my honour.

9. I love Portugal, but we all know that.

10. Little kind acts by people makes me so much happier than a large gift from someone with little good intentions. EG knit me a blanket or give me your hand me downs rather than buy me a car and never think of me again.

11. My ex husband is a right wally.

12. I think that smell plays a massive part in attraction. Dar has a smell about his skin that just about makes me go mmmmmm every time I catch a whiff.

13. I am 5ft 9 and a half.

14. I don't get easily hurt by people, I just figure shit happens right? We all can be thoughtless or forgetful or just plain rubbish at times, I tend to not take it to heart and hope others wont about me when I am a bit shite.

15. Beth (bebeimaginary) was my first ever blythe friend and we still talk loads now. I have really met some crackers on flickr (you know who you are!) and its the only social networking I do (I think facebook is the devil) I have sold beautiful kenners that I love dearly because I needed the money and I am so glad that I have because I made great friends with these people, espesh Pao!

16. Getting a degree as a single parent was so freakin hard I don't know how I ever did it now and sometimes I cant bare even thinking about it!

17. Since having children I have had a massive fear of death, being a parent is a big responsibility and the thought of what losing a parent would do to my kids frightens me.

18, I have a hardcore fear of scorpions and probs would not go to a country where they are.

19. I like having a small life. In a little village, with just the people I love best around me..... sometimes city friends look at me like I am crazy for settling down, what they don't realise is I just as confused by their choices! Different strokes for different folks.

20. I wish I was a vegan or actively fought for animal rights in some capacity, it bugs me that I feel strongly about something and yet I do to little to help the cause. I guess I am weak.

21. Reading is the other love of my life.

22. I don't go for enough walks, I really need a dog.

23. I wish I was a medieval princess or a pre raphaelite muse.

24. Can you believe I barely mentioned being pregnant?!!!! I know I'm shocked as well!

25. I really lost a bit of love for photography when I bought dslr and this makes me SO sad, wish I could change cameras again.

I think we all did this now didn't we?

Bonus 26. If anyone should not be allowed to use picnik its me!

how to help my cat lose weight

how to help my cat lose weight

My Pillow Pets Ms. Cat 18" Large (Black)

My Pillow Pets Ms. Cat 18" Large (Black)

Perfect for everyone at any age
Machine washable fluff dry
Extra snuggly
Made by the Original My Pillow Pets
Conforms to ASTN and EN71 regulations
From the original My Pillow Pets, this Extra Cuddly,but Sassy Cat is made of soft Black fabric . Open the velcro closure and use as a pillow. Close the velcro closure and you have the softest pet ever. This is part of the Original My Pillow Pets, as advertised on Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, TV Land.

Product Measures: 18.0 IN x 9.0 IN x 9.0 IN
Recommended Ages: 3 - 100 years

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